Expert Witness

Lance Wallach

With the right expert you could:

  • Get back all the money that you put into the plan in the first place
  • Reduce or eliminate the fines and penalties
  • Get into compliance so the IRS has no reason to attack you
  • Sue the agent, promoter, and/or insurance company that got you involved with the plan (some companies have initiatives in place to make a business owner whole)

Lance Wallach is one of few professionals who knows how these pieces work both alone and in conjunction with estate and financial planning. He wrote the book on life insurance that accountants and financial planners read to prepare for CPA certification. Lance uses his expert knowledge and vast experience to offer advice, opinions, and testimony to attorneys, accountants, and other individuals facing life insurance litigation.

Lance Wallach is the nation’s Leading Expert on captive insurance, 419 Plans, Section 79 Plans, and 412(i) plans. His expertise also includes IRS audits, other life insurance issues, Form 8886 filing, listed transactions and material adviser issues.

Our experts have been helping people deal with the large IRS fines and penalties being levied on people in these plans for years. Our team of financial experts, ex-IRS agents, accountants and attorneys will obtain the best resolution of these tax problems that you could ever hope to achieve.

THE RIGHT EXPERT TESTIMONY … can offer a powerful advantage during litigation. For over 30 years, The offices of Lance Wallach has been a trusted name in expert witness services. We provide many of the nation’s top law firms, insurance companies and other industries with highly qualified consultants and expert witnesses.

LITIGATION SUPPORT AND EXPERT WITNESS SERVICES ~ We recognize that transactions can be complicated and that liability management is one of your primary objectives. Our professionals are the most seasoned business experts in the business who can support you in risk assessment, regulatory interactions, and pre-acquisition due diligence. We provide expertise to support your case.


• Provides actuarial opinions in liquidation, bankruptcy, insolvency, property-casualty insurance and reinsurance cases.
• Testifies in deposition and trial
• Gives expert testimony in arbitration over reinsurance treaties.

Lance Wallach’s side has never lost a case. Contact Lance Wallach now to give your case the edge it needs. 

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